Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey Everybody!

(email from June 1, 2015)

Hey Queridos :) 

How is everyone doing this week?? I am doing good! We had a good and busy week! On friday we had our last zone conference with President Thurgood it was pretty sad knowing that it would be for almost all of us our last time getting to be taught by such an amazing man. I haven´t really made a general update to everyone in quite awhile but on July 1st my zone and I will become part of the brand new Buenos Aires East mission, we will all be the first missionaries and have the opportunity to take part in a small part of the history of the church here in Argentina. Our new president will be Presidente Nuñez from Santiago, Chile. It is sad for me to not be able to finish my mission with President Thurgood because he has been such an amazing example for me and honestly will always be one of my heros, but at the same time I am excited to get know (even though it will only be for 6 weeks) Presidente Nuñez and have the opportunity to learn from him! At the end of our conference President and Sister Thurgood gave all of us a big hug which was something different because president doesn´t ever hug the sister missionaries and sister thurgood never hugs the elders. I was surprised because when were in the line there were lots of elders that didn´t really want to hug sister thurgood because she was a lady (her response was that it would be like hugging your mom!), so when it was my turn she told me, ¨Oh Elder Hall, I know you, you´ll give me a good hug!¨ And of course I gave her a good hug she thanked me for all my work in the mission and said I was going to do good in life :) so it made me happy. The Thurgoods are amazing and I hope to have contact with them all my life! 

Here in our area we are doing our best to find some new investigators, we basically quit visiting the other people that they had before I came because it just isn´t quite their time yet so we are really trying to focus in on finding a few new  families to teach! Our ward needs new families to help rejuvenate it and liven things up a bit. Anyways hope all is going well at home and that all of you who accepted my Book of Mormon Challenge are staying strong! I finished Alma this last week! (I am a little ahead of the challenge though haha) Let me know where you are all are at and something that you have learned while reading! I promise the Book of Mormon can and will change anyones life for the better if they read it with a willing mind and an open heart! I love you all! 

Elder Hall  

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