Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heellllooo Everybody! :)

Buenas Tardes mis queridos amigos y familiares! :) 

Espero que todos hayan tenido una buena semana, me cansé de escribir lo mismo cada lunes en ingles entonces mi primer párrafo está en castellano, vamos a ver si su traductor de google puede traducirlo en algo que tiene sentido! :) Have fun! 

This week was good! We  have found some new investigators and have been focusing in quite a bit in a kid named Facundo. Facundo is almost 14 years old and has been attending church since he was a little kid. The interesting thing is that he has never made the decision to be baptized, but about a week and a half ago he talked to us at church and said that he wanted to be baptized as soon as possible! The great thing is that he had already listened to all of the lessons and because he has been going to church for so long basically understands how it all works! He is a great kid that has desires to do what is best, and to work for it. So it looks like he will be getting baptized this next saturday! Which is pretty awesome because saturday is my 20th Birthday and my companion´s last saturday in the mission! So it will be a pretty great way to spend our day! (Nice little rhyme there as well!)  

I am a little sad as well because it is my last week as a missionary in Buenos Aires Sur well assuming that they don´t take both me and my companion out this last transfer! So who knows either next week I will be a missionary for Buenos Aires Este, or I will remain in the south and be in a new area! So it will be interesting! 

Of course with yesterday being father´s day both here in Argentina and back home I couldn´t help but think of my dad and all of the other men that have played an important role in helping me to become who I am now. I am so thankful for my dad and for the man that he is. I feel in alot of ways over my time as a missionary we have both grown quite a bit and I anxiously await the day to be able to work by his side again. It is funny how the things that at one moment (like getting pulled out of bed a 6 in the morning (or earlier) on a saturday to lay pavers or other chores) were things I hated but now are some of the things I miss most! (Ok maybe not laying pavers that is never fun, more of the apsect of working with my dad! haha) I am thankful for the many things he taught me even if they were lessons that I was pretty slow to learn and he had to show tough love, and in general I am thankful and proud to be able to be his son. I am also thankful for my Heavenly Father and how He has lead and guided me and continues to help me as I stumble along the path of my life. He is alwasy there to lift me up and I have felt his prescence many times. I am also thankful for the knowledge that although not everyone has the blessing to have their earthly father present, all of us have a Heavenly Father and he wants each one of us to get back to Him one day. I am putting a link to probably my favorite Mormon Message that always chokes me up! Enjoy the video and have a great week! 

Elder Hall 

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