Monday, November 17, 2014

La Carta Semanal-10 de Noviembre 2014

(November 10, 2014)

Hello Queridos, 

Hope all is well this week! :) We are doing well, and have had a week of beautiful weather! I remember this time last year, thinking that if Argentina was like this year around I could come to like it! Unfortunately with everyday that goes by we get closer and closer to the dreaded hot and humid sauna, that they call verano here! The one thing that I have noticed here on the coast is the wind! It is outrageous some days! And it blows from every direction! Like there is no ryhme nor reason to the direction it blows! Sometimes you feel like you are just in a tornado! haha

We had a pretty good week here in San Clemente, it was a bit slow teaching wise because we have had a hard time scheduling appointments with people, it seems like the whole world told us they were busy this week, and if you all know anything about missionary work, when there isn´t anybody that you know available, we turn to the favorite missionary past time, that´s right, knocking doors! (Well actually we clap houses here, you don´t knock! haha) One of the goals that I set with Pres. Thurgood in my last interview was to listen and follow the promptings of the spirit better, and so having that in mind my companion and I set out to look for new investigators. Truth to be told I had numerous experiences where I know I was guided by the hand of the Lord to find the people He had been preparing for us. 

One experience was saturday morning, we were riding down the street and we passed this lady, as soon as we said hi to her, and she replied I knew that we needed to talk with her, but I ignored the feeling doubting it a little. Well a few hundred feet down the road we turn the corner, and before we get half a block up the road I feel a very strong prompting that we needed to talk with the lady. So I told my companion we had to go back. So we went back, and started to talk with the lady. Turns out she was baptized a long time ago, but moved and had been inactive for a very long time. She asked me why we came back to talk to her, and normally I don´t like to tell people that it was because I had a feeling (they give you a look like who is this loco!) but I explained to her, and she told me she had the same feeling, she knew the instant we said hi, that we were going to come and talk to her! It was pretty crazy, and she said that she has been thinking alot about looking for the church here in San Clemente because she has wanted to come back for awhile.  

I am greatful that the spirit insisted and gave me that extra nugde, and that the Lord is patient with us as his children when we don´t listen the first time! It is an amazing feeling to see, and feel the Lord using my companion and I to help others, this was just one of the experiences we had and I truly can say that the Lord and His spirit has a very active role in our work as missionaries, and He truly leads and guides us. I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to be one of his servants, and it makes me want to put all that I have into these next 9 months! Love you all! 

Elder Hall 

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