Monday, April 21, 2014

Otra Semana en La Misión!

(email from 4/14/14)

Buenas Tardes Queridos, 

Espero que ustedes están bien! I am doing pretty good this week! We had a week of cold! (Well the coldest weather we have had in my time here, winter will be much colder!) We had a nice storm that came in and it rained off and on for three days, and then we had lots of wind! So it dropped the temperatures pretty good, and I got a little taste of what it will be like with no indoor heating, and only a little electric heater to keep us warm. I am not going to lie, I am a little worried that this Elder from the Valley of the Sun is going to be shipped home as a popsicle, because I am not sure I can handle cold weather like this! I guess I will just roll with it and see what happens. 

As far as our investigators go, we had a much better week with them. Renee and Laura have decided to get married, and Laura is fighting hard to quit smoking, and the family seems to be pretty happy! We didn´t find Ricardo drunk in the calle (Street) this week, and he really wants to change, and is understanding the importance of not drinking alcohol, and how Christ can help him. And then we taught Ayelen who is 11, this week about the Plan  of Salvation, and it was great, she understood everything, and learned a lot. It was great to watch the Plan of Salvation ¨click¨ in her head, and her to understand why it is that we are here on this earth, where we came from before this life, and where we are going after! 

I am still adjusting to Villa Progresso, it is not the easiest thing to leave a place like Villa España where I love the members, and the people, and the area so much, and to have to meet new people, a new apartment, and a new area! It sometimes can be alot, but I really like it here! And with time I know I will come to love this area as well! :) 

I hope everyone has a great week, your all in my thoughts and prayers, and thank you so much for the emails every week! I LOVE getting to hear from everyone! 

Elder Hall 

 This just goes to show that argentine food is a little strange compared to the US, that is not a cherry tomato on my pizza it is like a marishino cherry that was sweet and for desserts! I wasn´t a huge fan! haha 

 A week of Peruvian Food! The red deal is like a chocolate bar but it is specially used for hot chocolate! That was at least really good! 

 Dinner with Obispo (Bishop) Silva and his family, with the Sisters! It was alot of fun, we made ¨thrucho¨ (fake) tacos for the whole family! They are such amazing people! The Bishop was baptized in peru a long time ago, but was inactive for years and then 4 years ago an elder from AZ and his companion knocked on the door, and with in a few months him and his wife were married and she and their three kids were baptized, within a year they were sealed in the temple, and two years ago he was called as bishop! 

This is like a super famous Peruvian soda, that Elder Garcia had told me about! It was pretty expensive to get, because it is brought in straight from Peru, and they only sell it at one Peruvian Market here in La Plata! I was so excited to try it, and it was gross. Tasted like cough syrup. Dang Peruvians.... hahaha 

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