Tuesday, April 29, 2014

8 Meses en La Misión!

Buenas Tardes Amigos! 

Well this is going to be a really short email spent alot of time sending out replies to people, and we are about out of time! I hope that you all enjoyed the video! If you didnt get a chance to watch it you can always check out the blog at elderbrennenhall.blogspot.com! Everyone told me that I my english is weird, and that I have an accent! I guess that is what happens when you only speak in spanish, and when the only english you hear, is mediocre at best! haha 

We had a good week this week, and if all goes as planned will be having two baptisms this week! Ricardo, and Ayelen! So we are very excited about that! Yesterday we had a meeting with all of the church leaders here in our stake and the missionaries, my mission and four others in the world are starting a new pilot program to try and rescue members who have left the church. They told us we will never knock on a door again, and that they dont want us to do contact like that. We now are focusing on the inactive, and less active members of our ward, and helping to get the back to the church, and to baptize and complete families, and to focus on getting families to the temple! I think it is a great program, and am excited to watch how this changes our mission! There are also alot of little things that changed, but really only affect us as missionaries, and how we report progress. I really like it though because it feels to me like, this is the way of the General Authorities saying lets clean up our own house before we invite guests over! 

Which leads me to my question, and thought for the week, are our houses clean_ Who of our friends and family, aren´t attending church, and have fallen away. Or how many of us maybe need to clean up ourselves, before we can help out others. We know what we have to do, it is just a matter of getting it done, and with out throwing too much of a larry the cable guy influence to this letter, Its time to git R done! :) Let the Lord help you clean up your house, and then help others to do the same!  Love you all! 

Elder Hall

 Show this to bug! I have her pic, and necklace always in front of me! :) 
(Elder Hall and his baby sister Laynee have always been close!)

 They all love to jump on my bed! So we decided to take a picture! Elder DeYoung was there on an exchange! 

 Kitchen! (With no food! End of the month haha)

 Living room area!

 Beds! haha

Our Desk!

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